Cities that spend the most money on making and keeping their homes clean looks at the U.S. cities that spend the most money on making — and keeping — their homes clean and tidy.

Picture this: Your living room floor, free of children’s toys and assorted homework assignments.

A bedroom, any bedroom, minus those massive piles of laundry that loom menacingly in the corner.

Your bathroom, without that mysterious moldy smell…and even more mysterious grout stains.

Yes, these scenes are what (parents’) dreams are made of. And while most of us enjoy the feeling that comes with having your home freshly cleaned, it’s clear that some of us love that feeling a whole lot more more than others…and they’re willing to shell out mucho dinero to make that happen.

In its latest study, took a look at the data to find out where people spend the most money on hiring housekeepers — in other words, which cities have the most neat freaks.

Out of 57 cities, these 10 made the top of our list. data analysts compared housekeeping jobs posted on in 57 metropolitan statistical areas (M.S.A.) in the United States. They computed the total amount spent on housekeeping per year by multiplying the number of times a housekeeper cleans that home per year by the number of hours per visit and the average hourly rate listed in the job.

The final ranking measures the average amount of money spent on housekeeping per year as a percentage of median household income in that M.S.A. Income data is from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 American Community Survey.

See the entire ranking here:\

Rick Limpert

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