Craft Beer Drinkers ‘Go Mobile’ Before Buying

You don’t have to be a beer drinker to appreciate and learn from the craft beer phenomenon. Adweek delved into this with a recent feature.

Craft beers and craft sodas as well are produced by small, independent brewers using innovative techniques and ingredients, is so saturated with brands and brews that often a barrier exists at the points of purchase. New York-based strategic marketing and advertising agency XenoPsi recently conducted a study that looked at the beer purchasing habits of people using mobile at the shelf, finding room where beer brands can capitalize.

It was found that craft beer drinkers consult the internet using mobile devices when deciding on a beer to try.

“Craft beer marketers should take advantage of this critical point in the buying cycle to come up with creative tactics to drive their message home, reaching consumers where they’re spending most of their time: on mobile,” said XenoPsi president MichaelAaron Flicker.

This is great advice to other industries as well.

Infographic below and here.



Craft Beer is more than a trend
Craft Beer is more than a trend