Email Etiquette: Advice Millennials and Everyone Should take

Millennials are the grand master of short messaging. They text. They tweet. They rely on emojis to get their point across. Hey, short is good, right? Sure it is, when you’re deciding where to meet up with your best bros, ask someone out for a date, or set a tee time for the coming weekend. But now, as they enter the work world, millennials may discover that they’re missing an essential business skill—email etiquette.

Come to think of it, we all could use a refresher course.

Trainer, business consultant, and author of Work It! Get In, Get Noticed, Get Promoted (SkillPath Publications), Denise Dudley, shares her tips here on Modern Life Discussions, and  tells it like it is when it comes to advising young people about the working world. In Work It! Dudley shares 15 tips on email etiquette and we get them here first.

-Reply in 24 hours or less.
-Begin with a salutation.
-Introduce yourself.
-Show the topic in the subject line.
-Avoid joking and sarcasm.
-Make sure grammar, spelling, and everything else is perfect.
-Don’t use text lingo.
-Avoid all caps.
-Be careful what you write.
-Close with a sign-off.
-Take 5 to review your message before hitting “send.”
-Don’t overuse “Reply All.”
-Keep it short.
-Don’t send negative messages via email.
-Keep a thread.

Denise Dudley:

“I wrote Work it! to help young professionals everywhere take charge of their careers, and find meaningful employment in their ideal line of work. Work it! shows you how to overcome obstacles that may be holding you back from success and fulfillment; how to maintain positivity and passion in everyday life; how to find (and keep) a meaningful, satisfying job; how to seek growth within an organization and find new, challenging opportunities; how to fit in at work and become a respected member of the team; how to practice assertiveness in all aspects of communication; how to get noticed for promotion; how to move up the ladder into management positions; how (and when) to gracefully move on if a position isn’t working out the way you had hoped or expected.”

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Email Tips
Denise Dudley
  • Dianna McCarty

    I love that Dr. Dudley has laid out, in plain English, the 15 tips for email etiquette. We can all use them, no matter what our age.