Timex Sinclair ZX81

It’s hard to believe it has been 34 years since the purchase of my Timex Sinclair ZX81 computer.  The evolution of the computer has vastly changed the world. The computer was released in 1981 had the follow specifications:

*  1K Ram (Yes I did purchase the additional 16K Ram-Pak)
*  3.2 MHz processor
*  64×48 pixel resolution
*  Price: $100.00
The computer was connected to a television via a VHF connector and used a cassette recorder to load and save data.  The programming code was ZX81 basic.  Here is an example:
100 LET S = INT (RND *37)
110 IS S < 10 THEN PRINT “ “;
120 PRINT S;”    “;
130 GOTO 100

WOW!  This was incredible.  I could generate a random number.  I remember spending days typing in code, saving it to the cassette recorder then spend weeks debugging.  In many ways, I miss those days.  Everything was experimental and new – Little did I know what would occur over 30 years later.  I never threw the little computer away as it continually reminds me of where we came from in the computer area.  I just might even hand this down and wait to see the expressions on great grand kids faces.


Steve Lee

Steve is the owner of Announce Solutions and IT consulting firm. After retiring from the Air Force he worked as an IT Consultant for such companies as, Computer Sciences Corporation, Modern Technologies Inc., International Consultants and IBM. Steve is also the founder of Modern Life Podcast Network, Two Thumbs Up Media, International Podcast Day, Eagle Sky View, Prescott Logistics and Building Market Place.

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