Food Waste, Lady Gaga, and Hulu Rejoices

One-Third of World’s Food Wasted

The New York Times recently cited a new study from the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization that indicates at least 1/3 of the world’s food supply is lost or wasted each year. This translates into 1.3 billion tons annually. It is without question that food is wasted in industrialized countries, but a fair amount of that total is wasted in third world and developing regions. What role may technology have in this, positively or negatively? In developing nations, the low level or lack of technology in the fields of bioengineering, biotechnology, harvesting techniques, processing methods, supply management, and distribution systems are playing a major role in the loss of food. The study found opportunities to reduce food waste with more attention given to farmer education, better storage facility, and better cooling technologies to lengthen the life cycle of food. What do you think can be done in regards to technology and food waste?

Lady Gaga & FarmVille: What a couple!

Lady Gaga is finding new methods of reaching her fans. She has teamed up with Zynga, the social gaming giant known for creating FarmVille. Essentially, players have to complete specific tasks to hear one exclusive new Lady Gaga track per day. The event runs from May 17th to the 19th and FarmVille currently has nearly 46 million people playing the game worldwide. Zynga is also working on the details to bring free concerts tickets and signed albums from Lady Gaga to those people playing the popular Words With Friends. This isn’t the first time Zynga has teamed up with a mega-music star. In Decemeber, Dr. Dre and Zynga collaborated to release a track from his latest album for the game Mafia Wars. Musicians have experienced the success of allowing their content to sit on various media platforms – television, gaming consoles, soundtracks, etc. Could this be another viable option for delivering content in the business of music?

Hulu & Networks Confirm Deal

Many Hulu fans have been nervously awaiting the announcement of contract extensions from the major networks (Fox, ABC, and NBC). By the end of next week, contracts should be signed and in place. This is great for both parties: users of Hulu continue to get the content they want and the networks can deliver the content that is wanted. Plus, all of the major networks providing content have ownership stakes in Hulu so it is in their best financial interests to work out a deal. The details of the new agreements remain confidential at the moment. However, All Things Digital suggests that the presence of Hulu will remain in its similar state with a free, ad-supported service with paid subscriptions for additional programming options. Quick question – I hear that Hulu Plus works great on Xbox Live and not so well on Kinect. Is this true? Anyone with details, please let us know.

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Dave Lee

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