Godors is a safe and refreshing sanitizing spray

I’m not saying there is a foul odor in the air here at Modern Life Network, but we’ve all had the odor or smell that we wanted to go away. For those of us that are athletes, students or work in a hot and stuffy area, there are smells.

You know that smell.

It comes from the inside of your locker. It resides in your gym bag. You can’t get it out of your hockey and lacrosse gear.

After years of looking for something that works, I think I found something that makes the odors go away.

And the name?


Godors is an all natural solution and the way the alcohols is mixed is why it works.

In spray form, Godors eliminates odors AND kills 99.9% bacteria in less than five minutes.  What makes this spray unique, however, is that most deodorizers just mask a smell, but Godors gets to the root of the problem: it kills 46% of the fungi within five minutes of use.

Godors is perfect for the eco-conscious; it’s all natural and non-toxic, containing 99% isopropyl alcohol, tea tree oil, olive leaf extract and cinnamon. All natural in ingredients and all natural results.

Perfect for sports gear and shoes.  Small bottles are even available for your backpack or gym bag.

The Godors file:

A blend of alcohols
An antifungal solution
Testing shows it kills both bacteria and fungi
Highly concentrated
Fun Bubble Gum fragrance
​This cute little guy doesn’t smell anymore.

Bottom line is Godors works and you will wonder how you ever lived without it. For adults, kids and anyone who wants their shoes, gear and self to smell fresh and clean, Godors is the way to go.

Godors comes in at a great price point. A purse-size Godors tube starts at $3.95.

See more at www.godors.com.