The Most #Hashtaged Tourist Attractions on Instagram

TravelBird made a very interesting ranking the most #Hashtaged touristic attractions on Instagram in the US and worldwide. (A great view into millennial’s travel).

TravelBird loves inspiring travelers to seek out new adventures and create memories that can be shared with friends and family. Many people, especially those in the Millennial demographic, use Instagram to both seek and share #wanderlust #inspo. Hashtags are used not only to document journeys, but to make it easier for those interested to find content they love.

Instagram is a barometer of where Millennials are traveling to. By using common hashtags of popular sights, monuments and attractions, we created a rank of the most hashtagged destinations in the US and around the world.

Below you will find the top two destinations in each state of the USA and below that a worldwide table of the most hashtagged destinations.

Look at how two Disney properties top the U.S. list.


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