Have You Tried Google Trends?

Some days, I’m better at it than others, but I like to stay on top of things. The news is too dang depressing sometimes, so I’ll check what’s happening on Twitter and Facebook. The thing about these sources is that they only show me what people I’m connected with are talking about. Of course, I can always check Bing or Google, but a search is still limited. Then, I checked out Google Trends. This is what I was looking for.

I just set it as one of my homepages. It is 11:02 PM Central, August 19, 2015; this is what America is searching for.

Google Trends

Let’s see, Iran nuclear deal, election 2016 in Google searches, and Jon Stewart leaves ‘The Daily Show,’ interesting stuff. What about throughout the day, what are the top trending stories?


Donald Trump, Jim Bob Duggar, Google Trends

Hmm, The Donald; a fire in Livermore, off Telsa Rd., they’re calling the ‘Tesla’ fire – tough luck, Elon, ironic though; some soccer player story; a stabbing at a chapel; and the Ashley Madison philanderer fiasco – Duggar edition. Wow.

Scrolling down…


Donald Trump, Ashley Madison

Donald Trump and Ashley Madison…together.

Matt Damon, The Martian

Woah, past 50?


Jeb Bush, Donald Trump



Dave Grohl

I’m through scrolling, but there’s more page. Back to the top.


Iran, Election 2016, Jon Stewart

The nuclear stuff is too doom and gloom, Jon Stewart leaving ‘The Daily Show’ is pretty sad, too. If I click the election graphic, I can see more about election-specific things people are searching for.


Election 2016 Trends

That was a featured story; what about the trending stories?


Ashley Madison, Jim Bob Duggar

Let’s try #5, Ashley Madison, 19 Kids and Counting, Jim Bob Duggar. From the graphic, I can tell this topic quickly gained traction sometime in the early afternoon and took off.


Google Trends, Ashley Madison, Jim Bob Duggar

Inside, there is a group of most relevant articles, interest over time and by region, and trending related searches.


Google Trends Search

This same arrangement of information is available for every one of the 250 plus trending stories on the Google Trends homepage. There’s even a search function for finding out trending information about most anything.


If you’re interested in what’s going on, start with Google Trends.

Do you agree, disagree, or have something to add? Let us know.

Dan Fugate

Dan Fugate is marketing director for Blues Angel Music in Pensacola, Florida. He is also administrative director of the nonprofit foundation of the same name. Husband, father, and Cub Scout leader, Dan is also co-host of the Beer & Bros. podcast, an audio-only podcast where he and his brother-in-law drink beer and discuss the week's news.

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