Podcasting and Big Media

Podcasting has been an avenue for individual content creators to disseminate their information, like a radio show, through the Internet via RSS feeds.  Whether you perhaps might consider it a hobby or a serious method of content deployment is immaterial.  What has traversed over the years  is media companies such as; CNN, ESPN, FOX, etc. re-distributing their television shows and content in the form of Podcasts.

Yes technically they are Podcasts; however, are these truly the intent and scope and are individual development of these shows being overshadowed by mainstream media? I do not consider these “true” podcasts for two primary reasons.  First, these are re-purposed broadcasts and repackaging of previously recorded events conducted in a premium studio set. Secondly, where is the independence and voice?  The podcast mechanism is being over powered by large media and is distorting the true value of independent content providers.  Look at the list of featured podcast providers in iTunes and what do you see?  The exposure is radically different and what about advertisement opportunity?

As with most anything created in the local bowels of the Internet, big business always ends up coming in late to the game, but going out on top of the backs of truly who provides the nurturing of content and technical advancements.  Support independent podcasters and enjoy the truths, opinions and content which you enjoy.  Independent Podcasters put forth money, time and vast energy into their shows.  Don’t let “Big Media” overtake what so many enjoy.

Steve Lee

Steve is the owner of Announce Solutions and IT consulting firm. After retiring from the Air Force he worked as an IT Consultant for such companies as, Computer Sciences Corporation, Modern Technologies Inc., International Consultants and IBM. Steve is also the founder of Modern Life Podcast Network, Two Thumbs Up Media, International Podcast Day, Eagle Sky View, Prescott Logistics and Building Market Place.

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