Las Vegas and Technology

WOW!! Las Vegas is an incredible city. The lights, the shows, the glitz, the glamour, and the hype. I take a trip to Vegas about twice a year because I have the convenience of living within a five hour road trip of the city. Each visit is different. Each visit is entertaining. And every visit is costly! This recent visit is no difference. Since I have joined the wavesoftech, I have seen technology through a new lens. Let me share my run-in with technology in Vegas.

If you have ever been to Vegas then you know the city is not discriminatory towards any age group. On this trip, the youngsters stood out to me. As my fiancé and I sat for lunch, a group of five 15-17 year olds were directly in front of us. Aside from the occasional cuss word and loud burst, they were very respectful and polite. The first thing I noticed…each kid had their phone out. Surfing the web, listening to iTunes, sharing photos, updating their status on Facebook, and tweeting. They talked about music, talked about food, talked about actors, and talked about their plans for the day. It was amazing that these kids could carry on five or six conversations and do everything I just listed. Oh how I miss those days!

I am not often in a situation where I can see directly the influence tech has had on the younger population. I started asking myself questions. Are cell phones distracting students in the classroom and inhibiting their learning? Or are they using social media as an avenue to educate themselves on pressing world and national issues? Is the parent-children relationship being strained or has it allowed parents and children to connect in a new manner? Will this encourage young people to enter into the tech industry? The younger population has the opportunity to define and shape the future of tech. I wonder what is in store for us…

The iPhone 3GS is my new favorite thing. My fiancé recently bought one and we used it A LOT in Vegas. Whether it was searching for local restaurants, utilizing the maps app, or taking photos of the Bellagio water show, the iPhone did not disappoint. It even kept us entertained on the five hour trip playing Deal or No Deal!

We could discuss Vegas and technology for days. Digital billboards, touch screen slot machines, online reservations, etc. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter. Have you ever “seen the light” as I did with the younger population? Please, send your comments or thoughts.

Dave Lee

Dave has been with Modern Life Network since Day One! Dave co-hosts the flagship show of the network, Waves of Tech. He has previously hosted the shows Sports Unleashed and Flash Past. Being that his day job is working in the world of environmental management, his outlook on technology comes with a bit of a slant. Outside of the world of environmental management and podcasting, Dave plays roller derby in Bakersfield, CA.

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