The Most (And Least) Expensive Stadiums for NFL Fans

Thinking of going to an NFL game this coming season? It’s going to cost you! While some NFL stadiums cater to their fans with affordable tickets and food prices, others are notorious for some pretty steep charges. looked at the following five factors to determine how much it costs, on average, for two people to attend a home game for 31 NFL teams:

  • Two tickets
  • Two hot dogs
  • Two beers
  • Two soft drinks
  • Parking


  • You could buy two game tickets to a Buffalo Bills game at Ralph Wilson Stadium ($72.66) for less than the cost of parking at a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T stadium ($75.00)
  • While hot dogs at a Seattle Seahawks home game are half the price of those at a Detroit Lions home game, expect to pay almost five times more for parking at the Seahawk’s CenturyLink field
  • Beer prices are similar in Oakland and San Francisco, but a 49ers ticket will cost you over twice as much as a Raiders ticket

“Going to a football game on a Sunday is the equivalent of going to church for some fans,” said Kristen Bonner, lead researcher on the GOBankingRates study. “The cost of these games, however, is something that fans have to think about and, in some cases, budget for in advance. Luckily, there are stadiums that make the experience more affordable so fans can return for more games throughout the season.”

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