Relaxation Nation: What to Know if you are ‘Moving in Together’

Maybe the idea has been floating in your mind for a while lately. And whether you’ve been together for one year or five, you just have the feeling like he or she is the one. You’ve both decided it’s time to take the next big step in your relationship- you’ve decided to move in together. If that describes you, you’re not alone. According to the Pew Research Trust, 9.2 percent of Millennial couples are living together – a 59% increase since 1997.

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Your Summer Reading List: The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures

During my school years I used to have a “summer reading list” to not only pass the days of June, July and August, but also to keep my reading skills current and fresh; and if I learned something or enjoyed what the author put down in black and white, it was a bonus. As adults, we may not have an official “summer reading list,” but it can be a time of the year where out busy schedules allow us to sit back on a hammock with a good book and a glass of sweet tea.

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Gardening with the Kids Tips

Last year’s flowers are struggling to reemerge, and planting season is in full height. Like it or not, this time of year can involve a little effort when it comes to maintaining and sprucing your lawn. So this year when planting or tending to your flowers, why not involve your little ones as well? Online home and garden resource Max Warehouse offers their favorite tips to engage the kids in outdoor gardening activities this spring. With a little planning, the kids’ insatiable curiosity and boundless energy can be a fruitful, bonding, and even useful asset to your garden. Their tips are available to share with proper credit, a link back and a quick note to me of your intention to feature.

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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks from Max Warehouse

Art Freedman is the founder and CEO of Max Warehouse, your one stop shop for all your home and garden needs from home organization and improvement, to auto and lawn care and everything in between. They ofer free shipping over $50, so you no longer need to spend your weekends in the aisles of home improvement stores. They also offer some spring cleaning tips and tricks here.

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Relaxation Nation: How to Survive that Change to Daylight Saving Time

This weekend, we spring ahead. Our clocks that is. It means more hours in the sunlight, less hours in the darkness, and taking advantage of daylight hours. It signals that summer is on the way, but it also means the number of car crashes increases, more people have heart attacks and most people walk around feeling groggy for a couple days.

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