Max Speed with MaxCDN

We have all been there before…… Slow websites.  It’s so frustrating attempting to locate great content or see a product and the website just trickles along and  for a business, this could mean death!  Yes there are numerous ways to optimize a sites’ code, different hosting options, but let’s remember we are now in a world wide scale of content and location also plays a part in optimal speed.  How is this possible?  Let’s say I want information contained on your site, you are in Los Angeles and I am in New York.  Each request made must make a round trip from New York to Los Angeles to present the generated content.  Would it not make more sense if a copy of the static content was also located at my location making the round trip time less?  Of course this make great sense!  This is where a Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes into play with Points of Presence (PoP’s).

When became popular, one of the biggest complaints was site performance.  An average website speed test during this time frame was around five seconds.   In evaluating the issue we decided to use a formula which has been truly magic.  The formula, MaxCDN.  Using a pull zone with MaxCDN and using W3 Total Cache as the caching management tool our response time dropped to around 800 mil-seconds.  Distributing our static files with MaxCDN has been the best enhancement we have ever made with our sites.  We are not writing this for advertisement purposes, but because we believe in their services.  What about support?  To be truthful we can’t answer that since we have never had an issue in the two years of using MaxCDN.  MaxCDN certainly can be used in the scenario we’ve described or many others.  Their services are vast and exceptional.

Do yourself, your business, customers and readers a favor and check out MaxCDN for incredible services to help you grow and stay strong.  If you are interested, MaxCDN is running a promotional for 25% discount.

Get the Max out of your site with MaxCDN.

Steve Lee

Steve is the owner of Announce Solutions and IT consulting firm. After retiring from the Air Force he worked as an IT Consultant for such companies as, Computer Sciences Corporation, Modern Technologies Inc., International Consultants and IBM. Steve is also the founder of Modern Life Podcast Network, Two Thumbs Up Media, International Podcast Day, Eagle Sky View, Prescott Logistics and Building Market Place.

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