Do We Need Hurricane Resistant Windows?

Hurricane Harvey has damaged or destroyed more than 134,000 homes in South Texas according to the Houston Chronicle. FEMA estimates 25% of homes in the Florida Keys were destroyed while 65% suffered major damage from Hurricane Irma. Many of these homes were damaged or destroyed by high winds and flying debris. And not to be an alarmist, but we still have months remaining in Hurricane Season.

As people rebuild and reinvest in their homes, they should strongly consider replacing their standard windows with hurricane-resistant windows. Pella is one such company that makes them and they can make a difference.

Windows play a very important role in home survival during strong storms. They need to remain intact during a hurricane to prevent a large rush of air from entering the home. If a large rush of air pressurizes the home during a hurricane, the pressure can lift the roof.

The attached images shows the result when a 4×4 was launched into a Pella HurricaneShield window at 50 feet per second, simulating flying debris during a hurricane. While the window does crack, it doesn’t shatter, and it’s further tested to ensure that it will stay intact in the high winds following the crack, which ultimately keeps the home safe. Hurricane-resistant windows are different because they have a strong polymer layer between the glass that reinforces them against flying debris.

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