New App Looks to Cure Chronic Movie Browsing Dysfunction

Did you know that there is a horrific, loathsome, and devastating problem afflicting living rooms across America.  Yes, it’s Chronic Movie Browsing Dysfunction (CMBD) — the extreme inability to swiftly find anything good to watch on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.

Consider these statistics:

*  The average American spends 19 minutes per day browsing aimlessly for something to watch according to the Rovi Multi-Region Survey — that’s 9.5 hours lost per month, 115 hours lost per year, and 377 days lost in a lifetime to the horrors of CMBD.

*  Americans spend more time each year just searching for entertainment than exercising (106 hours, 8% less), going to class (84 hours, 27% less), and participating in religious activities (51 hours, 56% less) according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That’s why it’s so important that the recent launch of Reelgood, the world’s first smart app that empowers you to choose something to watch in record time — offers these killer features:

1.  Multi-Platform Browsing
No need to surf Netflix, then switch to Hulu, then check out HBO, only to return to Netflix. See what’s available where all at once, then launch straight from Reelgood.

2.  Watch List
Keep track of what you and your friends want to see as well as your friends’ recommendations — with Reelgood notifying you when and where movies on your list are available to view.

3.  Seen List
Keep track of what you’ve watched, take notes, and engage with the Reelgood community…. connecting with others over the movies you’ve enjoyed.

Get Reelgood for your iOS device as version 2.3 has just been released.

Reelgood App
Reelgood App

Rick Limpert

Rick Limpert is an award winning Atlanta-based freelance writer, columnist, host of The Tech of Sports Podcast and best-selling author. He has covered sports, technology and events all over the world. His works have been featured on Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News,, and in Sports Illustrated.

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