New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Proves Sports and Drinking are the Perfect Pairing

As you sit down on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to watch some football, chances are you will be doing do with a drink in hand.

The good folks at created an infographic which looks into the perfect sports and drinks pairings. Here are a few examples!

– A vodka martini, James Bond’s drink of choice, used to be called a “kangaroo cocktail”
– Guinness reached a hefty £6 million valuation in 1886 (as much as £670 million in modern money) despite never advertising and never owning a public house at that time.
– Bloody Marys may be so-named as a mispronunciation of “Vladimir”, as the story holds that it was first made for Vladimir Smirnov – of the Smirnov vodka family.

-Almost all beers labels in the US have to be approved by only one man, who makes sure they aren’t misleading (and he once banned a label that had the King of Hearts on it in case people thought it had health benefits).

Covering twenty drinks and sports, from Jägerbombs and snowboarding to vodka and ice hockey, it’s a journey through drinks of different cultures and flavors (and even different times of day!). What you put in your Bloody Mary is up to you – though we can’t recommend horseradish.

So whether you’re a wine drinker or like relaxing with a piña colada, a poker fan or a tennis watcher, make sure you check out the sports and drinks menu in this curious new infographic, available here.

Rick Limpert

Rick Limpert is an award winning Atlanta-based freelance writer, columnist, host of The Tech of Sports Podcast and best-selling author. He has covered sports, technology and events all over the world. His works have been featured on Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News,, and in Sports Illustrated.

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