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When it’s time to find out what’s going on in the world, what’s the most reliable news source — the best unbiased news source? We’re not sure, but we try to read news articles from across the Internet to get the most balanced information possible. What about knowing the full story — the things that led up to today’s headline? That’s an important part of knowing the news, and it’s one most of us are missing. Fortunately, there are a couple of sources for the full story. We’re talking about an app called Timeline and a website called Newslines.

Timeline is an app and website that launched in January of 2015. It features curated content from around the Internet linked via Reader’s Digest type briefs of each article set in a timeline view for ease of understanding. Since the staff is relatively small (18 members) there aren’t as many news articles as we’d like to see, but no doubt they will be growing.

Each timeline begins with a headline and a brief. The brief is “sort of like a movie trailer.” It is used to give an overview of the entire timeline of a story and pique the reader’s interest. Scrolling down, we are presented with the most recent bit of news on a particular subject. After that, there are a number of other articles that relate to the current news piece, telling a more comprehensive version of the story. As often as possible, pieces link to the primary source of information, but when not available, the most reliable news source is used as a reference. In addition to links embedded in each article, there is also a “Want More?” section at the end of each timeline with links to even more information on the subject.

Newslines is a “Crowdsourced News Search Engine” that we found while looking further into Timeline. Newslines has been around since May of 2014 and does basically the same thing as Timeline, but it seems to do it in a more thorough manner. Writers for the site summarize and organize news articles, current and past. They claim that the newslines are a “complete record of the news about a topic, including:

  • Life events (such as births, deaths, marriages)
  • Movie appearances
  • YouTube performances
  • Important Twitter announcements
  • TV, radio and press interviews
  • Crime reports
  • Match reports
  • …and more. If it’s news, it’s in Newslines!”

While there is no best unbiased news source, these two alternative news sources provide a look at the bigger picture behind each news story, allowing the reader to make up his or her own mind based on the facts.

What is your favorite news source for the full story?

Dan Fugate

Dan Fugate is marketing director for Blues Angel Music in Pensacola, Florida. He is also administrative director of the nonprofit foundation of the same name. Husband, father, and Cub Scout leader, Dan is also co-host of the Beer & Bros. podcast, an audio-only podcast where he and his brother-in-law drink beer and discuss the week's news.

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