NMX Conference Breakdown 2015

New Media Expo – April 13-16, 2015

Since 2007, New Media Expo (NMX) has been the world’s go-to event for online content creators. If you are a podcaster (current or future), blogger, Web TV creator, content marketer, or work in the new media space, NMX was built for you. NMX was co-located with the NAB Show this year, bringing together over 100,000 attendees to Las Vegas. Several in the new media industry have podcasted and blogged about their experience at NMX. Check out what others have said about the event. And if you come across others that have podcasted and blogged about NMX, please send us the link!

If you attended NMX, don’t forget to head over to NMX Eval. They are giving away 10 content creator passes to a future NMX event. You get one entry for each evaluation you submit (limit one per person, per session). In order for NMX to get a true evaluation of the event in Las Vegas, please only evaluate content that you attended.

Marcy McDonald, an online course producer, provides us so many amazing takeaways from her NMX experience. Be sure to read every word of her blog. I love that she wrote, “Because a conference creates a positive feedback loop. I got more validation about what I’m doing than all my friends and relatives could ever give me!” More to that, she writes, “Networking is a verb, not a noun.” Read her What You Can Learn from New Media Expo 2015.

The ladies of ShePodcasts, Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman, discuss their experience while attending NMX. Both had the opportunity to make presentations at NMX and Elsie was a star of the Libsyn booth. The episode is fun! Half of the podcast is from the NMX/NAB showroom floor and the other half from in studio. One of the great takeaways that I heard from Jessica was, “It’s all about attitude.” How true is this! Make sure you check out this fun, entertaining podcast.

Erik K Johnson, Founder of Podcast Talent Coach, had the opportunity to speak at NMX. His session was titled, “Transform Your Podcast Through The Power Of Storytelling.” Be sure to check out the details. On his podcast episode, Erik shares his Top 12 Takeaways – which include pointers from Mignon Fogarty, Lou Mongello, Pay Flynn, and more. Check out Episode 87 of Erik’s podcast for some great insights from NMX.

If you’re looking for some quality content creation tips, you must read Angela Tague’s 5 Hot Trends from New Media Expo 2015. A few of the hot trends she noticed while attending NMX include – Text Isn’t Enough, Language Should Be Informal, and Go Beyond Creation. Be sure to follow Angela on Twitter at @AngelaTague, as she will be sharing more ideas and helpful tips learned at the NMX.

Russel Lolacher, communications pro and customer service experience aficionado, writes about four reasons to connect at NMX. As Russel writes in his post, “Much like any conference, this is as much about forming new ideas and learning lessons, as it is about the people you meet and the connections you form.” Read his entire entry here! You can find more out about Russel at russellolacher and follow him on Twitter @RussLOL.

Jonathan Oakes, podcaster with Trivial Warfare, summarizes his NMX experience as a first time goer! His summary is a phenomenal recap of the week, including his adventures around Las Vegas with fellow podcasters. One of my favorite lines from his work is this – “I’m typing this while on the flight back home and already reminiscing on what I can’t help but consider to be one of the best weeks of my life.” What a statement! Check out his lengthy recap here. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @TrivialWarfare.

If you are looking for a great, honest, and open conversation about the New Media Expo experience, you have to check out Brian (The Shadow)‘s review. Brian is a Podcast Host and Producer with ProfitCast and Arrow Squad Podcast. If you want to know the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly of NMX, find Episode 44 at http://www.profitcastuniverse.com/. He touches on the co-location of NMX with NAB, the Podcast Awards, and much more. As he writes in this show notes – “Absorb. Observe. Chat. Socialize. Network.”

Steve and Dave, founder and co-founder of #PodcastDay, took to the mic on Monday evening to recap their NMX experience, which includes their live recording experience in Podcast Alley for The Waves of Tech, an opinionated discussion on the Podcast Awards, and the evolution of NMX. You can find Epsidoe 264 of their show right here, as they discuss the many elements to rave about and other that need to be evaluated.

Stacey Miller, senior social and media relations manager for Cision, attended NMX. Her and the team received tons of great info on content creation, storytelling and writing. These are crucial elements in podcasting and new media. Stacey highlighted some of the best takeaways in her Top 9 Takeaways. I enjoy Number 8 – Think about content as an experience. It invites readers somewhere and gets them involved. Be sure to follow Stacey on Twitter @staceylamiller.

Ramona Rice, future podcaster, took some amazing notes with attending NMX. If you’re looking for extensive notes from a variety of podcasting and marketing sessions, check out her work. These include notes from Grammar Girl, Chris Ducker, Todd Cochrane, Vernon Ross, Grant Baldwin, and more. Review her entire set of notes here.

Troy Heinritz, a podcaster with The Blacklist Exposed, did about everything an attendee can do at NMX! He recorded a live podcast in Podcast Alley, The Hollywood Outsider, hosted by Aaron Peterson. You can find the show on Twitter @H_Outsider. He also attended the Podcast Awards, broadcasted live with Spreaker, and networked with podcasters all week long. Check out his NMX experience here and follow Troy on Twitter @troyheinritz.

On Episode 146 of The RED Podcast, hosted by Laurel Staples (@laurelstaples) and David Hooper (@davidhooper), they recap their NMX time. Some of the things you’ll take away from their episode include – the best thing about NMX, the highlights from Pat Flynn’s keynote, why most people attend NMX, and a marketing lesson…to just name a few. Enjoy and find their podcast on their site here.

Nick Seuberling and Corey Fineran, 2/3 of the Podcasters Group Therapy team, had the opportunity to record Episode 10 of PGT while at NMX in Podcast Alley. They had some special guest visit the live recording session including Jen Briney with Congressional Dish, Wayne Henderson with MediaVoiceOvers.com, Jason Bryant with Mat Talk Online, and Jared Easley with Podcast Movement and Starve The Doubts podcast. Find their show here.

Dave Jackson, the Director of Podcasting for New Media Expo and the man behind School of Podcasting, gives us a behind the scenes look into NMX. Dave answers a few questions that may be on everyones’ minds: Why was the opening keynote on day 2? What happened to the Podcast Awards? And will we be co-located with NAB Show next year? Check out his latest podcast for all the answers here.

Tema Frank, a second time goer and host of Frank Reactions, shares with us what she learned at NMX that can help grow your business and improve your customer satisfaction. She also took extensive notes on the sessions she attended. Be sure to check those out. And finally, she snagged a photo with Pat Flynn! Find her breakdown of the event on her page here.

The folks behind Demand Media Content Solutions, Content With a Purpose, have provided two very extensive and amazing posts for everyone to check out. First, Lauren Dirks writes about Blogging, Branding, Betting, and Eating in Sin City! This is a great day-by-day, hour-by-hour stream of the event. Second, Cathy Flanagan gives you the Top 9 Takeaways from NMX. To tease the read, she talks about paying attention to you community, headlines do matter, and to diversify your content. You can find DM Content Solutions on Twitter @DMContent.

Julie Ruth went to NMX solo this year, leaving for Las Vegas with no expectations and no team! She went “looking for specific, tactical advice to help my clients, for whom I ghostwrite blogs and produce podcasts for.” Her Four Takeaways from NMX is tremendously valuable read and you will gain from reading it. I really enjoy #3 – “It’s not about you. It’s about what you bring to your community.”

Daniel J. Lewis, from The Audacity to Podcast and Noodle.mx Network, sat down in Podcast Alley in the NMX Lounge. He asked a number of podcasters this one question – “What is your favorite podcasting tools?” It is a great conversation and a good podcast to listen to if you’re interested in finding new and worthy podcasting tools to improve your show.

Shemika Williams, host of Design The Life You Want, was very excited about the conference! This was her only second time in Las Vegas. What she shares with us is her Top 5 Pointers for a Successful Conference Experience. I love that she says, “There will be weirdos – avoid them” and “Follow up with people – except for the weirdos.”

Donna Papacosta, communications consultant and podcaster, recorded a 16-minute podcast about the NMX experience. As she put it in her show – “What happens in Vegas goes on this podcast.” That’s so true! Check out Episode 134 of her Trafcom News Podcast, where she gives kudos and shoutouts to many presenters at NMX. This episode brings you highlights, mainly about podcast marketing and audience growth.

As an online strategist for radio, a broadcaster, and podcaster, Seth Resler brought a certain angle to NMX this year through his tweets and in conversation. Check out his Takeaways About Podcasting From The 2015 New Media Expo, one of which is how radio is perfectly positioned to take advantage of podcasting and how radio and podcasting are finally meeting each other. Seth brings a particular slant to the intersection of the podcasting and traditional media industry.