Online Health Resources – 2nd Go Around

I think my last posting shed too much of a negative light as to the influence of technology in the healthcare field. I initially did not intend to focus on such elements but the posting slowly morphed into such. After more consideration and thought, I am writing a follow-up to investigate the positive nature of tech in healthcare.

So, here are a few positives associated with healthcare and technology.

The complex nature of the medical field is intimidating and often uncomfortable for many patients. Take for example the nomenclature and terminology of the industry. It is laden with words that we do not understand and words we can barely repeat. For all intents and purposes, it is a foreign language to us. Online resources assist patients which questions directed toward terminology when a doctor is unwilling to provide neither the time or effort to explain such things to us.

Next, unanswered questions can be answered individually. If an individual is not comfortable either discussing the symptoms or side effects of their condition with a doctor, online resources are used more as an educational tool rather than for diagnostic purposes. These answers can be found in the comfort of our own homes and with our loved ones sitting next to us. Of course, great concerns or questions must be directed toward a medical physician.

The industry has now grown into a vibrant market for tech based jobs. Many of these jobs are highly skilled positions and require specific and direct training. Companies are manufacturing state of the art equipment, training individuals on how to troubleshoot problems, creating new methods for collecting data for emergency room cases, and so on. As vital as nurses are to the industry, tech based individuals are slowly making their way into the core and necessary functions of the hospital or physician setting.

From a purely operational standpoint, records are now more easily accessible for all staff. This includes doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiology technicians, and so forth. We have no more of this running up and down stairs delivering paper copies of patient histories and records. In doing so, the industry has become more efficient and centralized data processes.

Lastly, preventive healthcare measures are vastly available, usable, and reliable. Sites such as WebMD, the CDC, and the NIH (just a few online sources) provide substantial information on wellness, tips for dieting, workout routines, and general health tips. Many are reliable and many can be incorporated easily into any lifestyle. Remember, preventive healthcare is always cheaper and provides a better quality of life for friends, family, or others.

Dave Lee

Dave has been with Modern Life Network since Day One! Dave co-hosts the flagship show of the network, Waves of Tech. He has previously hosted the shows Sports Unleashed and Flash Past. Being that his day job is working in the world of environmental management, his outlook on technology comes with a bit of a slant. Outside of the world of environmental management and podcasting, Dave plays roller derby in Bakersfield, CA.

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