Protecting Your Tech Investments

Unless you have been hidden in a closet the past month, you know that the Apple iPhone 3GS was released. The new powerful phone has sold nearly 1.5 million phones to date. And of course, users are already complaining about the phone’s ability and finding out the downsides the hard way.

Recent news has signaled two main issues plaguing the iPhone. First, the battery life is less than desirable for users. The phone, chalked full of powerful apps, often needs a recharge at some point during the day. This is upsetting several owners. Second, the phone is prone to overheat and shutdown until the system can cool. Apple has not taken responsibility for the problems and has said that user behavior, sunlight, and seasonal changes are causing the overheating.

In addition to the iPhone, what can us as users do to protect our techno devices, home devices, and our investments? We pay top dollar to enjoy such luxuries and need to lengthen the life of our purchases. Here are some basic preventive care tips for users and our listeners. These are not by any means innovative tips, just simple reminders for us to live by.


Cell Phones

1.  Recognize that sunlight and heat will cause damage
2.  Do not abandon or leave your phone in the car
3.  Purchase hard cases to protect from falls
4.  Do not overcharge your phone and only charge if needed
5.  Do not use around water

Flat-screen TVs

1.  Keep your hands off the screen
2.  Remove dust and dirt from the unit
3.  Avoid burn-in by turning the TV off
4.  Schedule maintenance if you have any questions
5.  Do not overload your power supply as this creates heat

Portable DVD players

1.  Keep them cool and avoid the heat
2.  Clean the lens on a regular basis
3.  Avoid stacking devices or items on the DVD player
4.  Avoid bumping because inside parts are delicate and fragile
5.  Store in a cool place when at home or when not in use


1.  Infrequent use may lead to battery corrosion
2.  Purchase an approved lens cleaning kit
3.  Protect LCD screen and lens from being scratched (sand or dust)
4.  Always ensure clean hands when using camera
5.  Avoid leaving in direct sunlight or cold temperatures

Home PC

1.  Run Microsoft/Apple system updates
2.  Run an up to date anti-virus software
3.  Keep the system clean by removing dust and dirt
4.  Do not eat or drink around the machine
5.  Give the system room to breath by not overcrowding the desktop

Since users invest so much money in the new iPhone 3GS and other techno devices, the wavesoftech crew is providing users with some basic care tips to that will hopefully protect their investment and lengthen the life on their purchase.

Dave Lee

Dave has been with Modern Life Network since Day One! Dave co-hosts the flagship show of the network, Waves of Tech. He has previously hosted the shows Sports Unleashed and Flash Past. Being that his day job is working in the world of environmental management, his outlook on technology comes with a bit of a slant. Outside of the world of environmental management and podcasting, Dave plays roller derby in Bakersfield, CA.

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