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Steve Jobs is back as operating CEO for Apple, Inc. As we well know, he took an official leave of absence from Apple, specifically related to serious medical reasons (liver transplant). This information, for the most part, went undisclosed to stakeholders and investors. His return has questions swirling amongst tech guys/gals and investors as to his ability to perform at full capacity as the operating CEO.

This is a non-issue. People – put your concerns aside.

What has Jobs done for Apple? To begin with, he IS Apple. Steve Jobs is the visionary, the creator, and the imagination behind masterful products such as iTunes, the MAC, and the iPhone. Jobs has effectively moved Apple into a category of its own – becoming the leading company in technological advancement, changing the face of technology, and changing the manner in which we each communicate. Jobs has taken a company, with a bottom stock price of near $6, and created a conglomerate tech firm priding itself on customer service and superior machinery. Despite his six-month absence, Apple stock has risen 82% within the last six months. The stock rise is directly related to actions taken by Jobs before his leave, clearly a residual effect of his leadership and vision. In sum, the situation demonstrates that quality products and CEO performance are vitally important in company success.

Steve Jobs has inspired us to purchase Apple products. Perhaps without recognition, we (meaning you and I) purchase their products because of many reasons – marketability, product placement, business reputation, trust, integrity, corporate reports, and customer relations. These factors influence and effect our decision to buy Apple products.

This leads to further questions: Should Apple have disclosed the health issues effecting Jobs? It is the consensus here at the wavesoftech that the privacy of Jobs and his family is paramount. Yes, Apple is a publicly traded company but that does not mean personal business ought to be the business of the industry. We wish the best for Jobs and his family during the recovery period.

Dave Lee

Dave has been with Modern Life Network since Day One! Dave co-hosts the flagship show of the network, Waves of Tech. He has previously hosted the shows Sports Unleashed and Flash Past. Being that his day job is working in the world of environmental management, his outlook on technology comes with a bit of a slant. Outside of the world of environmental management and podcasting, Dave plays roller derby in Bakersfield, CA.

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