Relaxation Nation: Gold Medal Man Caves

Every guy needs his own space. That is especially true during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games with over 7,000 hours of coverage available.

Each and every weekend, sports fans gather around TVs to watch the biggest games with their friends or family in their man caves in the comfort of their homes. With the many international multi-sport events taking place over the summer, we can now find guys being competitive to create the best atmosphere for watching the big games as elite athletes go for the gold.

Although nothing comes close to the thrill of cheering a favorite team to victory surrounded by fellow fans at the venue, not everyone is able to travel to these international sporting events. To recreate an atmosphere that is as close to the real thing as possible, many set up man caves with top notch HDTVs and sound systems – and invite everyone over the share the experience or live sports and streaming entertainment.

Man caves can be high tech, themed, fun and all of the above.

LG is just one company that sets out to help guys (and girls) get creative with their “caves.”

“The competitive spirit (is) on display this summer is a testament to the unbreakable human spirit and the desire to succeed,” said Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President of LG Electronics Gulf. “Elite athletes push the boundaries of science and technology to go for the gold and win, a push for greatness that mirrors LG’s devotion to creating products that provide innovation for a better life. Just like gold medal athletes, LG understands that excellence requires dedication and is committed to giving 100 percent to be the best.”

Passionate fans attempting to encourage their team or intimidate the opposition can register decibel levels on par with jet engines, bringing excitement and electricity to live sports that keep fans coming back year after year. But the appeal of being part of the game day crowd, surrounded by all your favorite items in a man cave goes far beyond the sheer loudness of the arena. When surrounded by the roar of the crowd, emotions become exponentially amplified. The presence of thousands of other screaming fans turns victory into ecstasy and defeat into agony.


Rick Limpert

Rick Limpert is an award winning Atlanta-based freelance writer, columnist, host of The Tech of Sports Podcast and best-selling author. He has covered sports, technology and events all over the world. His works have been featured on Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News,, and in Sports Illustrated.

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