Relaxation Nation: Super Bowl LI By the Numbers

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Falcons vs. Patriots.

Roman numerals may take some getting used to, Super Bowl LI (51) is largely characterized by familiarities, as Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots make their seventh run at the Lombardi Trophy since 2002 in the big game’s third trip to Space City. As usual, millions of people will tune in on television. And we’ll again consume more than a billion chicken wings while advertisers spend billions of dollars trying to curry our favor during uniquely popular commercial breaks. Lurking behind the standard hoopla, however, are an upstart and an unanswered question.

The Atlanta Falcons are set to make just their second Super Bowl appearance, finally equaling the number of times their hometown has hosted the event. But do they have what it takes to bring down the Patriots? Or will they end up looking like a bunch of modern-day Benedict Arnolds, betraying the hopes of their fans with a loss on the field?

Only time will tell which team winds up going to Disneyland, as they say. But we can certainly get you prepared for the action in the meantime. Below, you’ll find an awesome infographic with our favorite factoids and tidbits about Super Bowl LI, plus a Q&A with a panel of leading sports business experts. Enjoy the game with help of WalletHub.


Super Bowl LI By The Numbers

  • $4,800: Average price of a Super Bowl LI ticket (vs. an average of $3,334 for the previous four Super Bowls).
  • $5+ Million: Cost of 30-second Super Bowl ad (up 110 percent since 2007).
  • 1.23+ Billion: Number of chicken wings that will be eaten, along with 14,500+ tons of chips and 8+ million pounds of guacamole.
  • 51.7+ Million: Number of cases of beer sold on Super Bowl Sunday (1.5+ million people call in sick to work the next day).
  • 1,300: Number of planes more than usual that will touch down at Houston airports during Super Bowl week, of which 85 percent will be large corporate jets.

To see all the stats and the full infographic, please visit:

Enjoy the game!

Rick Limpert

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