Relaxation Nation: Weather Watchers use Both iOS and Android

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Relax… you can keep up with the weather on either and Apple or Android device.

Vanilla or chocolate? Warm or cold? iPhone or Android? Our preferences can change like the weather, and new data from the popular Weather Live app shows that user behavior changes quite a bit, depending on if you’re an Android user vs. iOS user. Apalon Apps, an operating business of IAC, developed the Weather Live app for both Android and iOS, and found a number of interesting user habits among users. Apalon Apps’ data from Summer 2016 show that iPhone users check their weather app the most in the morning, between 6-7 a.m. Android users are night owls on the app most between 5-6 p.m.

“While Weather Live is an app that’s a favorite among both Android and iOS users, their preferences in using the app differ significantly,” said Lyle Underkoffler, general manager of Apalon Apps. “Our data shows that Americans love watching the weather but consumer patterns differ based on what device they use and where they live in the country.”

The hottest months for weather watching are, quite literally, some of the hottest months of the year.

iPhone users must vacation more in July and August as that is peak season for weather watching, while Android users most check in June and July at the beginning of the travel season.
Surprisingly, the slowest weather month for checking weather for iOS and Android is in September, which is typically at the height of hurricane season.

Cloudy With a Chance of Push Notifications

Data from the last year shows that flood warnings and air quality alerts were the top two weather warnings received on the app.
Top 10 Weather Alerts (iOS)
1. Flood warning
2. Air quality alert
3. Wind advisory
4. High surf advisory
5. Rip current statement
6. Beach hazards statement
7. Coastal flood advisory
8. Winter weather advisory
9. Heat advisory
10. Flash flood watch
Freeze warnings and dense fog advisory alerts just missed the top ten, coming in 11th and 12th, respectively.
Overall, sunny was the most common weather condition forecasted by the iOS app in the last year; freezing rain was the least common.

Weather Watchers

Not surprisingly, East coast iOS and Android users top the list when it comes to checking their weather app the most, given they had extreme weather patterns, specifically in the northeast.

Watching the weather via an app is a favorite pastime of many. Apalon Apps and the Weather Live app is one of the best.

Rick Limpert

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