Advancements in Technology


As a long time fan of the Fox show 24….I am amazed at the technology they incorporate in the show.  Is this fiction or a visualization of what’s to come? Being part of a generation which didn’t grow up with technology, I am sometimes astounded by it’s rapid growth and application usage.

Remember when:

Remember watching 3 or 4 channels on the TV and having to actually get up out of your chair to change the channel?  Using rabbit ears or roof antenna to tune in the stations and always a hassle to at least get only a partial snowy picture.  Oh how many hours were spent at the corner store testing which vacuum tube had burned out.  Now with satellite dishes on roofs pulling in more than 200 channels and yet we still complain there is nothing to watch.  Now with a TV larger than my wall, I wonder how I ever watched those small 19 inch screens!   Unbelievable, movies on demand, Apple TV, Hulu –  though in years past it was the drive-in theater, a treat for all although at the time which seemed expensive.

Remember when:

Telephones had cords and perhaps a party line? Yes I know I am dating myself!  Having to call 411 information to obtain a phone number to call and ask the hours of my favorite restaurant.  But wait! Now we have a phone called a cell phone, which allows calls anywhere in the world, email my friends, family and even Google to that restaurant.  Pay phones to let your family know where we were while on a trip.  Make sure you carry change!  Folded paper maps instead of GPS.

Remember when:

Enjoying a great BBQ or picnic, going for a walk and spending time together?  Now today, where don’t you take your laptop?  Enjoy a vacation without checking in on Facebook every hour,  texting or video games?

Remember this:

Technology is important in our lives and we use it daily; however, some basic aspects in life are being ignored and spending time together is just not as important. Potentially harmful to society.  What do you think?

Steve Lee

Steve is the owner of Announce Solutions and IT consulting firm. After retiring from the Air Force he worked as an IT Consultant for such companies as, Computer Sciences Corporation, Modern Technologies Inc., International Consultants and IBM. Steve is also the founder of Modern Life Podcast Network, Two Thumbs Up Media, International Podcast Day, Eagle Sky View, Prescott Logistics and Building Market Place.

  • Society is changing and technology is making it happen. Sure, we are having less ‘in person’ contact with one another but we still have that contact with our closest friends and family. This is just part of the cyclical evolution of communication. Before cars and planes made travel so easy people didn’t see their loved ones and friends as often as they do now.
    Communication was more elegant but less frequent as the mail service was the only way to communicate across the miles.
    Good or bad, I cant’ say, but I can say that spending time together is still as important as ever. It’s just a different way of spending that time.

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