Report: Americans ‘Unplugged’ on Christmas Day

It appears many Americans went back to having actual face-to-face conversations and interactions on Christmas Day.

A report of daily digital media traffic throughout 2015 from MediaPost and Jumpshot reveals that the number of unique users on mobile or computer screens fell to its lowest point this year on Christmas Day.

The index, which estimates the “daily supply” of unique users, pages viewed and time spent across all Web and mobile screens, fell to 84.6 Dec. 25, “suggesting that American digital media users were more interested in bonding face-to-face than on Facebook, Facetime or another digital interface,” the companies said.

The next-lowest supply of the year occurred Jan. 14, 2015, when the index fell to 91.5. The highest point of the year was April 15, when the index soared to 130.9, most likely due to last-minute digital filing by American taxpayers.

For those connecting digitally Dec. 25, the most-used device was mobile, logging an index of 88.9, with the next-lowest supply of mobile uniques occurring Jan. 18, when the index fell to 97.6. For unique computer users online, the index declined to 67.9 on Christmas—which compares to the next-lowest day of the year, July 4, at 70.4. The greatest supply of unique computer users available online also occurred on tax deadline day, at 151.6, according to MediaPost and Jumpshot. The days leading up to April 15 also had among the highest supply of unique computer users available during 2015.

Rick Limpert

Rick Limpert is an award winning Atlanta-based freelance writer, columnist, host of The Tech of Sports Podcast and best-selling author. He has covered sports, technology and events all over the world. His works have been featured on Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News,, and in Sports Illustrated.

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