Windows XP disk clean-up and defrag

It is important periodically to perform system maintenance in the Windows XP operating system.  These brief steps will clean out unnecessary temporary files no longer required and defragment your hard drive which will rearrange files stored to improve read/write access times.  These examples refer to Windows XP.

Disk Clean-up

1.  Double click “MY Computer”


2.  Right click local “C” drive and select “Properties”


3. On the “General” tab select the “Disk Cleanup” button


4.  Select what files to delete.  We recommend checking all boxes


5.  The clean-up utility will run and when complete will clear from screen


Disk Defrag

1.  Select the “Tools” tab from the properties page


2.  Select the “Defragment Now” button


3.  Click the “C” drive to highlight then select “Defragment” button.  Follow this step for subsequent drives.


4.  Disk Defragmenter will begin running


5.  Once defragmentation is complete select the “OK” button


Close the Disk Defragmenter and you are complete

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